What’s good for the community is good for the planet.

eCycle Opportunities is a full-service electronics recycling center offering safe, clean disposal for electronics of every sort. We are professionally efficient in every aspect of this environment-saving work. We are also very proud of the way we integrate community-minded initiatives into our work. As a division of Gesher Human Services, we employ persons with various barriers to employment. These often neglected members of our community have proven to be industrious and motivated workers.

We put a premium on both keeping harmful materials out of the landfills and securely destroying electronic data to keep both the planet and you safe. In fact, eCycle Opportunities earned certifications for both Responsible Recycling (R2) and Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS), reflecting our commitment to best practices in electronics recycling and data security.

These differences demonstrate our positive vision and dedication to improving both our community, and the planet we all share. And that’s good for everybody.

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