Environmentally Responsible Recycling

Here at eCycle Opportunities, we take a lot of pride in both how we recycle and how much we recycle.

As an R2/RIOS certified electronics recycling facility, we follow strict guidelines to make sure all materials we collect are recycled using the most environmentally responsible methods available. These include the tracking of special focus materials containing hazardous chemicals and only working with other R2/RIOS certified partners and vendors to ensure an end-to-end responsible recycling process.

We love keeping electronics out of the landfill. Since 2016, we’ve recycled 3.5 million pounds of electronic material. That’s a lot of electronics we’ve saved from slowly decomposing and leaking harmful chemicals into our environment. If you (or your business) love the planet as much as we do, please contact us to see how we can help you do your part to keep it clean.